Most people have not given enough thought to their KiwiSaver and yet it should grow over time to be a substantial investment.

If you do nothing then you are likely to be placed into a “default scheme” which use a very conservative investment strategy, and therefore the returns are generally low but positive.

Morningstar produce a quarterly report on KiwiSaver which provides economic commentary and fund performance. A snapshot from the latest report as at 31st December 2015 shows;

  • There are 16 KiwiSaver providers with a total of 123 investment options
  • The current market size (investment) is NZD$30.841 billion and of that 34.50% is invested in Cash and NZ Bonds with a further 19.50% investments in International Bonds meaning 54.00% of KiwiSaver investments are invested conservatively.
  • There is a huge variance in the investment returns between the various funds.

At North West Mortgages our advisers provide class advice on KiwiSaver and can explain why this is a good retirement savings option and how KiwiSaver works. There is not currently any compulsion to contribute to KiwiSaver but with NZ Super providing just a minimal retirement income.

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You should make it a priority to discuss KiwiSaver with us.

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