The Right Mortgage Protection Cover Is Critical

Who likes paying for insurance? The reality is none of us really enjoy paying for insurance, but most of us understand the value of having some insurance cover just in case something goes wrong. When you get a mortgage you are often committing to making regular financial commitments for anything up to 30-years and yet you
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risks of going guarantor

Know The Risks Of Going Guarantor To Any Loans

Have You Been Asked To Act As A Guarantor? It is human nature to want to help others and in particular family but before you commit to acting as a guarantor you need to understand and be comfortable with the risks of  going guarantor for someone. Often banks, finance companies and other lenders will allow a person (as
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debt to income rules

Mortgage Brokers Serving North Shore & West Auckland

Since 2008 we have based our Mortgage Link North West in central Henderson but we will soon be setting up new offices at Hobsonville.   Our company name is North West Mortgages Limited and we trade under a licence using the brand name of Mortgage Link which has been the brand we have traded as
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How Happy Are You?

How happy are you with everything in your life today? This may seem a strange question, but it is even stranger that someone has created a “Mood Map” so you can see how happy people are in your area. To see how you compare: CLICK HERE What Makes You Happy? We are all different and
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