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The 2018 Budget & The Impact On Home Owners

As a New Zealand mortgage broker I am interested in things like the national budgets for the reason that they show how the Government of the day plan to use our taxes and also as they have an impact on home owners (and specifically those with mortgages) or those Kiwis trying to buy their first
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Thinking Outside The Box Is What We Do

In New Zealand there are a lot of people that do not fit within the bank criteria – the boxes that the banks say you must fit into. So while many mortgage brokers may try and squeeze you into the banks boxes, sometimes it is just easier to think outside the box. Thinking Outside The
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Are You Getting The Best Home Loan Deal?

We all want the best home loan deal but you may be amazed to know how often as advisers we find that people can do better. Many people have a deal which looks okay, but unless you do a full review it is almost impossible to know how good your home loan deal is. This
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