Tracey Topp Returns To Join The Mortgage Supply Team

Tracey Topp has joined The Mortgage Supply team in Hobsonville after being away from the industry for 10 years.

She says coming back and working with Stuart Wills and his wife Erica is like coming home.

About Tracey Topp

Tracey has previously worked in a prominent New Zealand bank for a long period, and worked her way up from being a teller to account management.

She left the banking world to work for Stuart and Erica when they were based in Henderson and branded as Mortgage Link. During this period Tracey found that she really enjoyed working with clients that didn’t fit “into the criteria” box that mainstream banking offered, but also loved the thrill of helping people to buy their first home or get started with property investment.

But that was 10-years ago.

After leaving Stuart and Erica she moved to Wellington and into the world of design, designing kitchens for about 6 years.

Tracey is married, and her husband is in the Navy.

They have recently come back to New Zealand after an exchange in Australia where they were based in Perth.

She is now back home in Auckland. 

Upon arriving back she contacted Stuart Wills and discussed her desire to get back into mortgage broking.

It was great timing as Stuart and Erica were in the process of expanding the business and were looking for another mortgage broker to join the team. They had moved from Henderson to Hobsonville, they had changed brands from Mortgage Link to The Mortgage Supply Company, they had implemented new “modern” system and there business has expanded but there values were the same.

Tracey knew this was where she wanted to work.

Tracey Topp Mortgage BrokerTracey Topp Mortgage Broker

Tracey Topp has joined The Mortgage Supply team in Hobsonville to be a mortgage broker, but before she can call herself a mortgage broker she has needed to undertake the training again so is currently getting herself back up to date with that.

The industry is the same in many ways as it was 10-years ago, but regulation has seen some extra provisions regarding training and compliance.

Tracey is currently working alongside Stuart Wills until she is a fully accredited mortgage broker which shouldn’t take too long.

She has found her passion again with helping people navigate the lending system. Tracey says “everybody has a story and if I need to fight for the best outcome then you can be rest assured that is exactly what I will do” and we believe she will. She is passionate about helping people.

Welcome back … Stuart says “it is great to see Tracey Topp return to the industry and to a role where she can help people. The 10-years away from the industry has provided Tracey with some great life experiences and those will help her understand and be able to assist a wider range of people in varying situations. The role of a mortgage broker has not changed – it’s about helping people source the money they need and that may be something that can be done using a bank or may require a non-bank lender. I’m sure Tracey will soon again be a top mortgage broker and that has nothing to do with her surname either”.

Tracey Topp is ready to help you.

Contact Tracey today.