Thinking Outside The Box Is What We Do

In New Zealand there are a lot of people that do not fit within the bank criteria – the boxes that the banks say you must fit into.

So while many mortgage brokers may try and squeeze you into the banks boxes, sometimes it is just easier to think outside the box.

Thinking Outside The Box Is What We Do

Most New Zealand mortgage brokers have previously worked in the banks and that is helpful when trying to understand how banks work and make decisions, but often it kills that “can do attitude” that is so useful when dealing with situations that do not quite fit the banks “normal.”

We call this our non standard home loans or specialist lending.

People that fit into this areas are the large number of people that fall outside the lending criteria of banks such as;​​
  • Those people with a bad credit history – banks don’t care why.
  • People with a low deposit – that means anything under 20% so can include a lot of people.
  • If you have too many loans or short-term debts that need to be consolidated into a loan with a lower interest rates, lower payments to catch up on arrears.
  • Self-employed people with limited income showing, no accounts available or those who are new to business.
  • People that are in arrears with existing loans or have tax arrears.

There are heaps of people that do not fit the bank criteria so don’t feel as though your situation will be too hard.

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Think About Non Bank Lenders

No matter what your financial circumstances – bad credit, low deposit, too much debt, hard to prove income, mortgage arrears, tax arrears etc – you may be you may be surprised at what we can do for you.

As mortgage brokers we deal with most of the banks, but we have also found a niche for dealing with finance that does not fit the box and therefore a reputation as a non bank broker who will find solutions when other can’t.

Contact us and find out how we can help.