Little Changes Save Over $100,000 On Your Mortgage

As a mortgage broker we are privileged to be able to help people like you save money on your mortgage.

Today was a neat day where I was very happy to be able to help someone, so let me tell you the story…

Scott’s Story

Scott phoned to ask for help reviewing his home loan.

He has a home loan with  ANZ mortgage of approx. $350,000 with about 26-years to run at this stage and is paying $492 per week in repayments.

His loan has just come off fixed and he is paying 5.69% at the moment.

We looked at what ANZ was offering.

ANZ are offering 4.39% for 1-year fixed and 4.79% for 2-year fixed which if we split the mortgage into two equal loans of $175,000 each is an average home loan interest rate of 4.59% which is not too bad.

If we applied those rates to your mortgage and paid $500 weekly then this would reduce the loan term to about 21-years.

The minimum weekly repayment at 5.59% would be $445 per week so that means effectively you are paying an extra $55 weekly.

It’s Best To Pay More On Your Mortgage…

If you added another $100 per week to the repayments then you make some significant gains and would pay the mortgage off in about 16-years.

More importantly by paying the mortgage off faster it means that you will save over $100,000 in interest which would otherwise be paid to the bank.

Lets look at this in a graph – it has more impact.

Save $100,000 On Your Mortgage

What Does This Mean To Scott

Of course a saving of $100,000 is not insignificant, but what this saving really means to Scot is he could buy a new Vespa Sprint – well in actual fact he could buy 10 of them!

Okay, he would probably not buy that many and I’m sure he could find other uses for his savings.

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