Goodbye Mortgage Link & Hello Mortgage Supply Company

After being part of the Mortgage Link group for the past 12-years we have now said ‘goodbye’ to that group and have re-branded as The Mortgage Supply Company.

John F. Kennedy once said “change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future” and we have made this change so we can move forward and make our business better able to serve you both now and in the future.


Some Things Change

We felt that this change was needed and the change of brand is just one of the changes that you will see over the next little while.

Within the office we are also having some changes with systems we use for processing the finance applications and communications with you. By taking advantage of the IT available this should see an improvement whilst not taking away the personal interaction that is so important to ensure that we get the best outcomes.

A key to our business is our relationships with the banks and other lenders and as anticipated our change to The Mortgage Supply Company has been received well by the lenders. This is important as our lender relationships help us provide you a better service too.

Some Things Stay The Same

We are the same people doing the same stuff….

Our small team has always been proud of the work we do and the results that we have been able to achieve for our clients and that remains the primary role as mortgage advisers. We know that the personal service levels that we strive for remain a key to our success and while we say that they will stay the same, we really believe that they will improve.


We Strive To Communicate Better

Our business has always been based on providing good advice and being better than the banks. While banks seem to be reducing the level of service that they provide, our goal is to make it easier for you to get the advice that you need when you need it and in a manner that suits you.

It does not seem that long ago when a facsimile was an important business tool, and yet now they have been replaced with email, texting, messaging via App’s and cloud based document sharing. So much of the communication now is done electronically however we believe it is hard to replace actually speaking on the phone or face to face.

We will also strive to make sure our communications are presented better and our email newsletters are being redeveloped to ensure that the information provided is more relevant.

Let’s Talk About Your Mortgages & Finance

We are always available to talk though any situation.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your situation and requirements. The Mortgage Supply Company moto is “You relax. We take care of everything” and that is exactly what we like to do for you too.

Office: Level 1, 124 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville

Phone: 09 416 2073