How to Find a Good Local Mortgage Broker

When most people decide that they want to buy a house, the first thing that they do is head down to their local bank where they hold their current account to check if they are eligible to take out a mortgage. While this might seem like the most sensible thing to do, it might not be the wisest.

Although your own bank might seem like the best bet for getting a mortgage – as with most other things – you could save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run by shopping around, but it can also be tough to work out which home loan is the right deal for you.

So, where can you find all of the best mortgage deals available?

My suggestion is to find yourself a good mortgage broker.

But where can you find a good local mortgage broker?

Of course you could use one of the mortgage brokers from The Mortgage Supply Company, or if you want to look elsewhere here are a few tips to help you.

1: Finding a Mortgage Advisor or Broker Online

The internet has simplified the process of getting financial advice in many ways.

One way is by connecting would-be mortgage borrowers with local financial advice providers whether that is mortgage brokers, banks or some of the non-bank lenders.

When looking for a mortgage broker I would always try and go for one who is a ‘whole of market’ broker, as these kinds of brokers have access to more loan options.

It is also best to avoid those brokers that are owned by a bank or mortgage providers as they are tied to just one of maybe a few different lenders and therefore you miss out on the full choice.

2: Asking Friends or Family

Another great way to find a good local mortgage broker is to ask trusted friends or family members whether they have dealt with anybody good themselves.

Some people might not like the idea of doing this as they don’t want to share their financial plans or goals with people that they know, but if you don’t mind people knowing that you are looking to buy a house, then having one of your friends or family members recommend a good broker could be a great way to find one in your area who has a good reputation.

3: Google Search Mortgage Brokers

Of course, you could simply input the term ‘mortgage broker’ or ‘mortgage advice’ into Google to see a list of brokers in your local area; however often the list may include those brokers outside of your area.

It might be better to Google ‘West Auckland mortgage broker‘ or ‘North Shore mortgage broker‘ depending on where you live or work. If you want to get a broker that is even more local you might want to try being more specific and type ‘Hobsonville mortgage broker‘ or West Harbour mortgage broker‘ etc … depending on your location.

Having A Good Local Mortgage Broker Can Help

Mortgages are typically one of the largest financial commitments that people have, so it is worth ensuring that you are able to get the best advice and have easy access to ongoing advice.

This is where a good local mortgage broker can really help, and potentially save you a lot of money.

Here we have suggested 3 simple ways to help you in your find a good local mortgage broker.