Working With Your Mortgage Adviser

Thank you for your interest in working with an adviser at Mortgage Managers.

Of course your mortgage adviser will work hard for you, but they also need your assistance to ensure that they can get the best result for you.

We want to make it clear how we operate, what we can do for you and what we expect as well.

Key Points For Working With Your Mortgage Adviser

To enable our mortgage advisers to do the best job for you we have spent a lot of time on our systems and processes. We want to share some key points with you to ensure that we are working together to get the best results for you both in sourcing your lending but also to maintain your lending.

We need to know everything – when sourcing finance for you we need to know everything about you and what you are trying to do. Please be 100% honest and upfront with us so that we do not get any surprises and most importantly time is not wasted (ours and yours) looking at options that will not be successful. Please let us know if there are any credit issues, if you have spoken to your bank or another mortgage adviser and if there are any issues with the property.

We work exclusively for you – our job is to get the best results for you and we will work hard (very hard) to ensure that we do. Of course we only get paid on success so we will go out of our way for you. As we value the investment we make for our clients, we only work on an exclusive basis.  This means we will be unable to work with you if you are speaking directly with a bank or have another mortgage adviser working for you. There are limited banks and lenders in New Zealand so as well as us not wanting to waste our time, we would not want any bank or lender getting more than one loan application as this can hinder the process and have a negative impact on you. Accordingly, please let us know urgently if you have spoken to any banks or other mortgage advisers.

We pride ourselves on getting good results for you and as a result have built a successful business.  As a result of the reputation we have, we do manage a large flow of clients. To ensure that we can manage time-frames for you, please ensure that you communicate any deadlines and/or let us know if you need a result within a specific time-frame.  We promise to do our best to work to those expectations.

Providing information – our systems have been created so you can upload the supporting information directly, but sometimes it will be easier to email that information to us. We are happy to receive your information either way.

You cannot change the past – we have to deal with supporting information that relates to the past. If there are some issues then we cannot change them; however we can always add an explanation to why they happened or why they will not be a problem in the future.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about how we operate.

Contacting Us Needs To Be Easy

Over the years we have found that one of the biggest issues for people is getting hold of their mortgage advisers when you want to.

As mortgage advisers we do spend a lot of time on the phone and in meetings so we know that you will not always be able to get hold of us immediately on the phone so we have created a number of ways that you can contact us.

  • Our main office number is often the first point of contact and most of the time it will be answered by our friendly customer services manager Helen Gaseata. If you are needing to contact your adviser urgently she will know where they are and/or how to get hold of them. The number is 09 4162073 or the toll-free number is 0800 100939
  • All our mortgage advisers have direct phone numbers that can be answered on mobile; hence even when they are out of the office. These are published on their profile page on the website and also in their email signatures.
  • Our adviser also can be contacted using text messaging (SMS) and email which they will respond to. It’s often easier to respond to a text than a message as sometimes messages are not clear so return numbers may be hard to hear or get missed.
  • You can also book a call-back from our advisers. This is a system that is linked to the advisers calendar showing times that they are available so you can set an appointment to call back or an appointment to meet with the adviser. This has proven a very good method for making appointments as you can chose a time that suits you, knowing that it also suits your adviser. You can find the links to this on the advisers provide page.

Often we are reliant on the banks and lenders getting back to us which is not always done in a timely manner; however we appreciate that waiting for answers about finance can be a stressful time and always do our best to ensure that communications are maintained.

Ask Questions

Never be afraid to ask questions!

We would prefer that you ask questions and have a full understanding of everything that we are doing for you. We will always try to remove the jargon and provide easy to understand answers to what are sometimes quite complex issues.

Plus remember that no question is too trivial or silly.

It’s better to ask the question rather than always be wondering.

Raise Any Concerns

Of course we love positive feedback but we also understand that dealing with finances can sometimes be quite stressful. Therefore we ask that if something is not working out the way that you expected, then please contact us and let us know of your concerns.

We would prefer to know as soon as possible so we can discuss options and/or make the required changes.

You can raise any concerns with your mortgage adviser or Stuart Wills but if you prefer we have contracted Docit Limited as an external contact and you can contact them via this email:


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