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A New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Finance Blog

On our website we include a New Zealand mortgage brokers blog. This is written by one of the top New Zealand mortgage brokers Stuart Wills and includes some very good information that you won’t see elsewhere. This finance blog includes more than just the typical sales pages. You will find information and opinions on various
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How to Find a Good Local Mortgage Broker

When most people decide that they want to buy a house, the first thing that they do is head down to their local bank where they hold their current account to check if they are eligible to take out a mortgage. While this might seem like the most sensible thing to do, it might not
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Mortgage Brokers Will Suggest Using Second Mortgages At Times

With the LVR restrictions introduced by the Reserve Bank and the major banks shying away from bridging finance, mortgage brokers must think outside the box to meet people financial needsand this is a reason that some mortgage brokers are using second mortgages. A second mortgage from a reputable non-bank lender can provide the funds needed. These non-bank lenders can
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